Caribbean Classic

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Testimonials from Families

I just wanted to send the two of you a note thanking you for hosting such a great event! I have coordinated overseas trips a number of times and know how challenging that can be. Our family absolutely loved our time in PR for many reasons, baseball is just one of them. It was so great for our boys, as well as the two of us, to experience the culture in Puerto Rico. It was also very good for our boys to experience different coaches. Our oldest loved his coach and adapted well to him. It was great to see him play for a coach that was not a dad, when given a chance to compete for a spot, he was able to prove himself and have confidence at the plate. I know the 13's didn't do well, but Caleb loved it. It actually has made me think about getting him to a place where dad's don't coach. For Cayden it was a little different, but very good. For the first time he experienced major nerves and a coach he didn't click with. Amber and I love that he had to face adversity!!!!!
Anyways, I know this was probably more than either of you cared to know, but PLEASE know we loved our trip and would do it again! I hope you guys experience much more success with this tournament! I wish we were closer so our boys could play for Cepeda Baseball!

Josh Cagle - California - 2014


On behalf of our family, I want to thank you for hosting a "GREAT" tournament and truly making this trip a special one!
It's been great to be a Cepeda Bull. The incredible spirit of the Cepeda Family came through. On behalf of the Grisales Family I want to personally thank you for your support and development of our sons during this trip to Puerto Rico.
The game-day atmosphere made Puerto Rico an event to remember for my son, and most especially my youngest son (who was too young to play, but not too young to form wonderful friendships). These memories will last a lifetime for both of them.
I've spent countless time coaching and working with my sons and even more time developing them to be leaders. This trip has solidified the hard work I have incorporated and instilled in my sons.
My wife and I have seen them develop so much in just one week because of the experience that we can't praise your program enough. They are both begging if they can return again next year and at this point our response is, "if you learn Spanish, we'll bring you back" (I am fluent and have wanted to teach them and this experience has given them the desire to learn).
The incredible spirit and support that you showed during the tournament made all of us realize that not only is Cepeda baseball a truly special place to play for, but Cepeda family fans are the best I have ever seen.
Thanks again for your spirit and your support. God Bless. "Que Dios Los Bendiga"!

Jackson Grisales - Melissa Grisales - Jason Grisales (10U) - Marcus Grisales