Tournament Details

Game Guarantee
4 games guaranteed. Transportation to and from games provided. 

Pool Play
Must win 3 out of the first 4 to qualify for Semi's and Final's.

Age Brackets
9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, & 14U (depending on the number of players and number of teams we will either do individual age groups or combined age groups 9-10U; 11-12U; & 13-14U)

Fields and Locations
Dominican Republic Ballparks (TBA)

Countries Representing (Tentative)
USA,  Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico 

Opening Ceremonies
Location TBA. Lots of fun with flag waving, anthems, live band/music, and all teams in uniforms. All family, friends and fans attend opening ceremonies.

Awards Presentation
Awards for teams and individual players, and additional achievement awards. Homerun Derby and much more.

Game Action
Be prepared to compete and bring home bragging rights!


What You Can Expect

  • Competitive Baseball
  • Family orientated week of baseball with lots of fun in the sun.
  • Experience to meet and play with other peers from around the United States.
  • Player and family in package will be transported to and from ballparks and any off-site activities the Cepeda Organization hosts.
  • All meals will be provided by the hotel.  Hotel is all inclusive, so many options for food and beverages (snacks as well) to choose from.  
  • Players will be sent their jerseys about 2 weeks before we leave via USPS. Hats will be distributed at registration in Dominican Republic.


5th Annual Cepeda Baseball Caribbean Classic
August 10 - 26, 2017
Dominican Republic

The Cepeda Baseball Caribbean Classic is a premier tournament showcasing young talent from different parts of the USA, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and other Latin countries. This year will be the 4th Annual Cepeda Baseball Caribbean Classic tournament and we are extremely happy to have the chance to bring elite players to compete with the best the island has to offer. Cepeda Baseball Club sees over 500+ baseball players in different locations across the states during tryouts and forms its best rosters from these workouts.

Ages competing will be 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, & 14U (depending on the number of players and number of teams we will either do individual age groups or combined age groups 9-10U; 11-12U; & 13-14U) rosters. Athletes will be highly evaluated before selected on each team. We will strive to take the best possible talent and compete everytime we step between the lines. Our coaching staff will consist of former MLB players, current college coaches, and many more nationally acclaimed baseball coaches.

A memorable opportunity:
Our Cepeda Baseball Caribbean Classic will definitely be a memorable trip for your son, and we hope the family travels down and enjoys this great baseball adventure. We plan on making sure that all players are competing at a high level, but also are able to enjoy themselves and build lasting friendships with their own teammates and those on the opposite teams. A sightseeing day/freeday will be part of this unforgettable trip, which will give you an opportunity to explore Dominican Republics beauty. The competition will be fierce, and all players will come back with a better understanding of baseball around the globe.


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5th Annual Cepeda Caribbean Classic Pricing

Hotel is Grand Bahia Principe - La Romana
Tournament #1: 06/10/18-06/17/18, Tournament #2: 06/17/18-06/24/18
(All prices below are based on the tournament dates outlined. Any additional nights with the resort will be billed at the regular resort rate and will be payed separately.)

Player + 1 Adult (7 Days) = $3400
Player + 2 Adult (7 Days) = $3900
Family - (1 Player, 1 Sibling, + 2 Adult) (7 Days) = $4300

Add'l player traveling with another family/adult = $2100
Add'l traveler outside of packages above (Adult) = $900
Add'l traveler outside of packages above (Child) = $450
*Airfare not included


We will divide your complete party (family) fees into monthly installments beginning on FEBRUARY 6, 2018 unless you would like to begin the process sooner. May 8, 2018 your last payment is due. If you would like to cover the fees (pay in full) in less time, please let us know. Once we know the total amount of travelers in your party, we will provide you with your monthly installment amount. All families must inform Cepeda Baseball of total number of additional travelers by January 25, 2018. No travelers can be added after January 25, 2018.


Add'l player traveling with another family/adult = $2100
Add'l traveler outside of packages above (Adult) = $900
Add'l traveler outside of packages above (Child) = $450
*Airfare not included

Payments are nonrefundable & you will be FULLY responsible for your entire balance once payments begin. If you decide not to attend, you will be required to pay the balance owed in FULL by May 8, 2018.

Once balance is paid, you will receive a pre‐trip packet of information via email.
Please feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any time, for further details regarding our trip. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is included:


While in Dominican Republic, all ground transportation to tournament related destinations, will be provided. 


Grand Bahia Principe La Romana - A charming beachfront resort situated on an expansive stretch of private beach along the serene La Romana bay on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. Captivating tropical gardens surround the resort, given it a charmingly secluded feel.

**Each player will be provided a double‐occupancy room for themselves, and their family (up to 3 persons + player) in their room for a total of 6 nights.  **Hotel is subject to change.**

DINING (A la carte restaurants for your senses):

  • Orquidea Main Restaurant - International
  • Beach Restaurant - International
  • Capriccio Restaurant - Italian
  • Le Gourment Restaurant - Gourmet
  • El Pescador Restaurant - Mediterranean


Throughout the vacation, players and family members will have the opportunity to enjoy
quality time at the beach. 


All baseball activities. Opening/Closing Ceremonies. 


Cepeda Baseball will provided purified water throughout the week to all participants for games.

What is NOT included:


All travelers are free to book on whichever airline they choose to arrive in Santo Domingo International Airport.  The airport code for Santo Domingo is (SDQ).  All travelers MUST be in Santo Domingo/La Romana, DR on 7/10 by 3 pm.  


Travel Insurance can be added to your deposit for a fee of $100. This will cover the return of all your fees paid (minus deposit fee of $250 and travel insurance fee of $100) if you should need to withdraw from the tournament prior to April 1, 2017. Any withdrawals after April 1, 2017 will require a doctor's note, and only a portion of your fees will be reimbursed (portion to be determined at a later date depending on vendor fees charged to Cepeda Baseball). All tournament fees paid to Cepeda Baseball are non‐refundable. **Unless trip is canceled by Cepeda Baseball**


Meals offsite or at non‐scheduled times.


Beaches in Dominican Republic are full of activities, including Jet Skis, ocean tours, boat rentals, and much more. This will be at cost of individual.


Please represent the Cepeda name proud, and support the tour guides and bus drivers.
Tipping is appropriate.




All players and travelers must abide by all policies listed below.


All payments are NONREFUNDABLE unless player is injured and cannot compete in any sports. A notarized doctor's note will be required and only a portion will be refunded (depending upon date of injury and vendor rules that apply).

All payments due on or before the 5th of each month. Must be postmarked by 5th of respective month.

$250 player deposit (or traveler deposit) required to secure spot with monthly payments thereafter. A player's entire trip must be paid off on or before May 15th of competing year. No player will be allowed to participate if trip is not paid off by such date.
Total cost: $2,600
All payment fees will be made via Pay Pal. Located at (Pay an Invoice)
$25 late fee (1st late fee); $75 late fee (2nd late fee); $150 (3rd late fee and possible removal from team).

All travelers are required to book their own airfare. SDQ (Santo Domingo) is the airport code destination. 

Cepeda Caribbean Classic will provide our travelers with a private travel agency, to support our players and families in booking a carefree vacation.

Extended Stay and Upgrades
Travelers can extend their stay. Pricing varies.

Traveling Alone
NO players are allowed to travel alone for this trip. Must have a parent or responsible guardian accompanying them to Dominican Republic.

In the event a player or traveler needs medical attention, immediately notify hotel staffing, coaches, or traveling staff.


Our Caribbean Classic staff is NOT responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced property and/or injury occurring due to sports related or trip related activities.