Cepeda Baseball Camps & Clinics was founded in 2005 and has since taken great strides every year to gel with the youth in select leagues in California and surrounding states. Hosting camps / clinics in and out of California, has strongly marked our brand of baseball instruction within the top sports programs across the states. Each summer Cepeda Baseball Camps host annual events in New York, Alaska, Canada & Texas. Not to mention our local camps and clinics in Northern/ Southern California.

Cepeda Baseball Clubs Inc. was started in 2009. With one 13U team made up of mostly 10/11 year old players, and most (TODAY) are still a part of the Cepeda family. CBC now carries 5 teams in the travel ball circuit. Our previous years have been very successful, and every year we raise the bar on the talent we carry and compete against. Every year players are coming to CBC and finding a new home for their development In the game.

Our company is head by Ali Cepeda. Ali is the son of SF Giants great and Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda. While playing with the Giants in the minor league system, and independent baseball for 4 years after, Ali learned the hard work that it takes to be successful in baseball, but also life. Cepeda played 8 years of professional baseball, and is still learning everyday how to work with young ball players and help them develop their unique ability in baseball.

Cepeda Baseball strives to support improvements throughout baseball and install a positive (never give up) attitude in the life of young athletes. At Cepeda, we serve and provide a solid ground where players can maximize their potential and increase their chances of reaching their full potential as ball players.

At Cepeda Baseball Clubs, our coaches and staff will work diligently to provide our player athletes with the best competitive advantages to succeed both athletically and academically. We strive to help our players build that bridge between life and sports. As a non-profit organization, Cepeda Baseball Clubs Inc. will be able to attract a wider range of athletes, help fund tournaments, and provide limited financial support to offset fees for those who qualify.

The mission of Cepeda Baseball is to offer broad-based athletic programs which accommodate the needs and interests of all competitive athletes. We are committed to:
a) The welfare of our player athletes;
b) Sportsmanship and ethical integrity of our athletes;
c) Maximizing potential;
d) Instill the importance of mental side of the game

We have been privileged to enjoy the success on the playing fields and also by witnessing the development of many of our athletes. This year alone, Cepeda Baseball has traveled throughout the nation giving camps and clinics to local youth. The Cepeda Baseball Club, although separate from Cepeda Baseball, will continue to maintain the standards and integrity to provide a competitive environment for its athletes. Our players will have a great advantage over many of their competitors being that they will be privately trained by nationally recognized instructor Ali Cepeda. Cepeda teaches what our pros have learned in their career, and what our HALL of FAMER has shared with our staff.

It is with our sincere hope that your child will find their time training and participating in our camps & Cepeda clubs to be a wonderful and rewarding experience. We also hope that you will benefit in every way possible to further your players career and create new friendships with their fellow teammates that will last a lifetime.

Cepeda Baseball benefits:
• Enhance athletic performance
• Develops and enhances self-esteem
• Develops accountability and confidence

Baseball is a mental game. 80% mental 20% talent. You have to dedicate yourself to be the best you can be, and apply 110% while doing so. It takes mental preparation and strong will to succeed as a student - athlete. At Cepeda Baseball, we take pride in teaching the fundamentals of the game, giving each player the skills and confidence they need to go on to be successful not only in baseball, but in life. We base our programs around three key components that resonate throughout our programs and are useful on and off the field:

Passion – In everything we do at Cepeda Baseball we bring our passion of the game and work to instill that same passion in everyone we work with. Whether it's through our coaching, skill development programs or refining technique, we bring an unparalleled level of passion to what we do both on and off the field.
Preparation – Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. At Cepeda Baseball we go one step farther and not only prepare our players, but prepare them the RIGHT way. By developing core skills and techniques early, youth have a solid foundation to mature upon. We keep it simple, fun, informative and geared towards each individual.
Performance - We believe that with passions, preparation, hard work and the proper coaching, all players can perform beyond their perceived limits. With our proven training methods, we work to enhance performance by developing individual skill sets within each player to maximize ones potential allowing them to become confident and successful baseball players.