Morning Ali,

Now that you have had a moment to breath I wanted to take a minute and thank you again.  I find it hard to put into words just how impressed I was with the Classic and most importantly the work you and your team put in to make it such a memorable event.  This far exceeded my expectations and I can honestly say it was a game changer for Weston.  Weston’s eyes were opened to many different things and left the DR with not only a different appreciation for what he has but with a different outlook on how to approach the game.  

Miguel and BJ were great with the boys and took their week with them to not only coach them through the games but to make them better ball players.  Mo and Bobby were great from start to finish and especially when Wes took one off the elbow in game one to make sure he was alright later the night and the next morning.  The kids on the 10u team and their parents were amazing.  I know Wes made friends for life from this event as did the parents.  

Don’t let me forget the meeting and clinics at night.  Wow was that great information for ALL ages.  CJ was phenomenal and the coaches were just as good!  

You have built something really special here and again Weston and I can’t thank you enough.  Those boys played their hearts out for one another and we’re proud to represent the U.S., the Cepeda name and your Dad’s legacy!  We are looking forward to next year and continuing our relationship with Cepeda Baseball.

Once again thank you for all that you do!!

Good afternoon gentlemen, 

As we settle back into our normal routines my husband and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for an amazing experience last week at the Dominican Republic Tournament. To be 100% honest I was initially a bit skeptical up to the moment we flew out of LAX because I couldn’t find any information from previous attendees. I couldn’t be more wrong.

This is definitely a trip to remember not just for our kids but for us as adults. From the friendships made, to seeing the majority of the players at their last game remove their equipment and selflessly give to the opposing team, just left many of us speechless and in tears. You hope you raise humble kids but it isn’t until you experience and witness moments like these that you realize your kids will be OK in the world.

All of you did an incredible job from the moment we arrived until the closing of the tournament we are incredibly grateful for being able to be apart of this trip. I know our kids will take this experience and build from it an amazing future.

Thank you again