BASE - Be A Superior Example


We are very proud to be partnering with the National Baseball Hall of Fame in their new eduational initiative that promotes athlete's of all ages to the the pledge to not use performance enhancing substances.  While in Puerto Rico we will ask that all of our players that participate in our tournament take the PLEDGE on-line and will provide educational materials that they can read more about.  Please read below for more information on this great initiative!

BASE: Be A Superior Example

With the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Join the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum's newest educational initiative, "Be A Superior Example." The BASE Program teaches lessons of healthy habits, while encouraging individuals of all ages to live and play free of performance-enhancing substances.

Through the foundations of BASE - diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, character and fair play - the Hall of Fame provided a meaningful educational experience, both online and in the classroom. The BASE program incorporates lessons from Hall of Fame members who explain that achieving success in life leads to being a superior example to those around you.

At the conclusion of each BASE lesson, individuals of all ages are asked to take a pledge to live healthy and to live free of performance-enhancing substances. This national registry is housed in Cooperstown and provides an opportunity to individuals to view their pledge and name alongside the game's greatest heroes, at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

The BASE program educates audiences about the short- and long-term dangers of PES use; provides guidance for developing healthy lifestyles and injury prevention; empowers students, parents and athletic administrators with the ability to identify potential PES use; and shares strategies to help individuals of all ages make informed decisions about their own health and make decisions that influence the health of others.