Frequently Asked Questions

Is a passport needed?
Yes.  Dominican Republic is NOT a part of the US or its territories.  

Can we arrive early or stay late?
Yes, we will secure room rates for 3 days before and 3 days after the tournament.  This will NOT be covered by our player/additional traveler fees.  This must be paid separately, based on the rate the hotel provides.  

Are there practices prior to the tournament?
No, the players will have time in Dominican Republic to work together. Players are coming from all over California and other states and it could be impossible to get them all together. So, to give everyone the same advantage our 1st team practice will be in Dominican Republic.

How do we know if our child made the team?
You will be notified within a week of your try out via e-mail.

Is there a Travel Agency that we can use?
Yes.  Will be updated soon.  

What is included for the family members $899 cost?
Each family member will be able to eat all 3 meals daily plus snacks with their player, transportation to and from all events with their player and team, lodging, and all amenities the hotel has to offer.

Can we pick our jersey number?
Yes, we will try our best to accommodate each request. There will be an e-mail sent about 6 weeks before the tournament asking for requests. We work on a first come first serve bases with the requests. We will send out an e-mail informing you before we ask for requests....that will allow you to keep an eye out for the e-mail.

Where and when can we purchase Spirit Wear?
You are more than welcome to order from our website prior to the tournament. We will also have hats and shirts for sale at registration and throughout the evening dinners.

How do we get around if it is not a tournament activity?
Taxis work best and the hotel we call one for you. They are a good and fairly in expensive way of getting around Dominican Republic. You can either wave one down on the street or one can we called. Some taxis have fixed rates and some are metered, it all depends on where you're going.

Who do we schedule tours and excursions with on our free day?
We will be able to recommend a tour company, or you can ask conceirge at the hotel.